Q) May I send you a product for you to review and discuss on your blog?

A) I do, on occasion, review products. A product must have a good general fit for The Well-Seasoned Cook, something that likely both myself and my esteemed readers would potentially enjoy. Though it is impossible for me to truly know what would please every individual reader, I take great pains in weighing suitable product candidates, and research products and customer service history to ensure, to the best of my ability, that any goods would be enjoyed by my readers without issue. An agreement to review your product does not imply that my review will be favorable, whether the product was given to me or purchased by me. Each review will clearly state where and how I obtained your product.


Q) Would you be interested in reviewing restaurants?

A) Restaurant reviews require repeated visits and careful, objective assessments of many elements of the dining experience. I do not have the resources, time, nor training to professionally judge an establishment skillfully, fairly, and with grace.


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